Request info

Request ID: 33
Created: 21-10-2020 11:43:33
Status: Active
Ship To: Sulaiman Sajith A
Address: NH - 33, Jagannathpur | P.O. Bhilai Pahari | Dist. East Singhbhum
City: Jamshedpur/Jharkhand - 831012
Country: India
Name & Surname: Sulaiman Sajith A
Contact: ass@thriveni.com - +91 9940738740

List of spare parts

Marka Model Part No Description Qty
OHP komatsu d155 17A7145431 Bracket 1
OHP komatsu d155 17A7145331 bracket 1
OHP komatsu d155 17A7112280 cap 1
OHP KOMATSU D155 17A7145460 CAP 1
OHP KOMATSU D155 1757111491 BOLT 8
OHP KOMATSU D155 1757111520 NUT 16
OHP KOMATSU D155 17A7112262 Trunnion, L.H 1
OHP KOMASTU D155 17A7145970 Trunnion, R.H 1

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