Rexroth A2F

The Rexroth A2F series includes axial piston fixed displacement motors. Some common models within this series are A2F 5, A2F 10, A2F 12, A2F 23, A2F 28, A2F 45, A2F 55, A2F 63, A2F 80, A2F 107, A2F 125, A2F 160, A2F 180, A2F 200, A2F 250, and A2F 355.
Key components of the A2F series typically include:
Housing: The outer casing that encloses and supports the motor’s internal components.
Cylinder Block: Contains pistons that convert hydraulic pressure into rotational motion.
Pistons: Transmit force from the hydraulic fluid to the drive shaft.
Drive Shaft: Transfers the rotational motion from the motor to the driven equipment.
Ports: Inlet and outlet ports for hydraulic fluid.
Bearings: Support the rotating components within the motor, reducing friction and wear.
These components work together to convert hydraulic pressure into mechanical power, providing rotational motion for various industrial and mobile applications.



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