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piston pump

A piston pump is a machine that uses moving pistons to push hydraulic fluid, creating pressure. It’s commonly used in big machines like construction equipment and vehicles to make things move smoothly and with power. A piston pump is a type of hydraulic pump that utilizes reciprocating pistons to pressurize hydraulic fluid. As the pistons move back and forth, they draw in hydraulic fluid through an inlet port and then force it out through an outlet port at high pressure. This creates a continuous flow of pressurized fluid, which is essential for powering various hydraulic systems in machinery and equipment. Piston pumps are known for their efficiency, high pressure capabilities, and suitability for demanding industrial applications. They are commonly used in construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and industrial hydraulic systems.
Axial piston units, whether pumps or motors, operate on the principle of a swashplate or a bent axis design. Here’s a simplified explanation:
Variable Displacement Pumps: The angle of the swashplate in these pumps can be varied, which changes the stroke length of the pistons. This, in turn, alters the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid, allowing for precise control of the speed of the hydraulic actuator (like a cylinder or hydraulic motor).
Control Systems: Modern hydraulic units are often equipped with sophisticated control systems, enabling them to respond to the demands of the application, such as pressure cut-off, horsepower control, and load-sensing capabilities.