Privacy Terms

Privacy Terms:

We collect information through enquiries submitted by the customer. It is important to make sure that you feel comfortable about working with us and understand how we use the information that we collect. Shop&Supply does its best to uphold a high standard in order to secure personal information of our users. It is important to us to keep your personal information secured and confidential when you use Shop&Supply. By using Shop&Supply you agree to proceed on the basis of this Privacy Policy and you agree with the conditions of processing the user’s personal information contained herein.

Information that we request is necessary for us to be able to contact you, know where to ship your products and be able to process your payments. Shop&Supply works with a discount structure depending on whether you are a trade customer or a retail customer. Knowing more about you helps us determine which type of customer you are. Typical information collected could be your name, company name, physical and emailing address. What type of business you are involved in. For trade customers we require proof such as a copy of your commercial registration, company website address or a company profile

We also collect non-personal information like your IP address and which pages on our website you visit as well as which products you are most interested in. We do this to have a better understanding of our customer’s browsing habits so we are able to improve our website to better serve our customers.

We appreciate your confidence and solely use your information to be able to process your orders. We do not use any outside companies and therefore your information will only be used by our administrative staff. The user understands that the personal Information is available and accessible by our employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information to provide services to you or in order to do their jobs.We do not provide your information to marketing companies.

The user account is protected by a password. The user shall be responsible for security of its user account. Please keep your account and password confidential. The user shall be responsible for any activities that happen on or through your account. Any actions in or with the website performed through the user’s account shall be considered done by the user.

The user shall promptly inform us of any instances of unauthorized (not allowed by the user) access to your account and/or any breach (alleged breach) of confidentiality. For security reasons, the user shall securely log out after completing each session. We shall not be responsible for any potential loss or damage of information as well as any other consequences appearing as a result of failure by the user to comply with this part of the Privacy Policy.

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